More Mileage For Your $!

Are you tired of high gas prices?
If yes, we want to introduce you to:
Gas Saver Liquid
• 100% Natural and Green
• 100% Organic
• 100% Biodegradable
• 100% Engine Friendly
• Protects Injectors
• Increases Lubricity
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Environmentally Friendly

This formula helps your car burn and utilize fuel completely. Thus, less soot and pollutants are emitted into the atmosphere - Saves money on long haul and inner city driving - Protects injectors and increase engine lubricity.

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*Every Gas Saver bottle is 25ml

• 5 bottles for $12.50

• 10 bottles for $22.50

• 20 bottles for $43.00

• 50 bottles for $100.00

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Professional Botanicals Inc’s “Gas Saver Liquid” is an eco friendly fuel additive gas saving product available to all looking for better mileage from their gas or diesel vehicles in this trying times. PBI could not have researched, developed, produced and made available this fuel additive gas saver to us in Canada and all over the world at a better time. With pump prices remaining for a long time and with no sign of relief in the near future at the high level of well above a dollar, it is a given that we can all benefit from the cost savings that are provided by this environmentally friendly fuel additive gas saver. BPI took care of the hard and most demanding task, they developed a green gas saver better mileage product for the world to benefit from and all we need to do is the easy part, use it to save money, to increase mileage, to save the environment. How do we use it? We add one of the conveniently bottled to measure 25ml bottles of “Gas Saver Liquid” to every 40 litres gas fill up we make and then watch our fuel savings grow while we enjoy better mileage from our vehicles and benefitting the environment. We are talking about significant savings of 10 to 30% in fuel use from this green fuel additive gas saving product. We need to thank fuel saving products manufactures like PBI who are not only dedicated to us in terms of savings us money at the pumps through their better mileage products but who also want to ensure we live in a safe world by researching and developing fuel saving products that are eco friendly fuel additives. BPI’s fuel additives are 100% biodegradable, 100% green, 100% natural, 100% organic and 100% engine friendly. With this product vehicles release less pollutants and soot than vehicles that do not use it. “This product promotes the complete burning and utilization of fuel resulting in reusable end products such as Carbon Dioxide and water”. Incomplete burning and utilization of fuel results in poisonous and non-reusable gases such as Carbon Monoxide, Sulphuric Oxide and Phosphoric Acid generally grouped as acid rain. PBI is the green gas saver company in Canada and the world whose environmentally friendly fuel additives will allow us to preserve the environment for us and our future generations to enjoy. Let’s fuel save with PBI’s green fuel additives! Drive with us and drive smarter, drive richer, drive longer.