Gas Saving Summary

In a CBC News article dated April 17, 2008, it stated…

“There's nothing like gasoline prices at well over $1 a litre to get people thinking about ways to save money at the pumps. Motorists hate it when gas prices rise and many refuse to believe that it's simply supply and demand at work".

"It's almost a national sport — monitoring changes in the price of gas, hoping to time that fill-up to take advantage of the lowest available price. Most Canadians will drive an extra few blocks just to save a few tenths-of-a-cent per litre of gas".

Gas Tips

"If you pumped 40 litres into your car's gas tank every week, a savings of half a cent a litre would net you enough to buy a large coffee — in about two months”.

Slow Down On The Highways

"The speed limit on most Canadian highways is 100 kilometres an hour. But motorists who keep to that speed find they are passed by most of the traffic. Tests show they'll also have better gas mileage. The Canadian Automobile Association and Natural Resources Canada say it takes 20 per cent more fuel to go the same distance at 120 kilometres an hour than it does at 100 km/h".

Today, at the gas pumps one can pay from $1.21 to $1.25 per litre

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Environmentally Friendly

Complete burning and utilization of fuel results in reusable end products such as Water and Carbon Dioxide. Thus, less soot and pollutants are emitted. Incomplete burning and utilization of fuel results in poisonous and non-reusable gases such as Carbon monoxide, Sulphuric Oxide, Phosphoric Acid generally grouped as acid rain.

EPA Number: 211320001

          Fuel Advantage

One can see a significant savings of 10 to 30% in fuel use. It is simple - just add one 25ml bottle to every 40 litres fill up and experience longer mileage.